Marauders Edge Crooksville To Advance To Second Round

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The Meigs Marauders came out on top in a close matchup against the Crooksville Ceramics 63-60, advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

The Marauders and the Ceramics were well matched teams for this game, coming in with a record of 7-11 for Crooksville and 7-12 for Meigs. You could tell right from the start this game was not going to be a blowout, nor was it going to be an easy game to win.

In the first half of the game, the Marauders would lead by up to 7 points, but then the Ceramics would come back with 3-pointers bringing it to a closer scored game.

The Marauders ended the first quarter with a 1-point difference 15-14 and their tight defense helped them keep their lead going into the 2nd half with a score of 41-36.

Meigs leading scorer, Weston Baer was playing hot tonight. He made 14 points in the first half and 19 points in the second, earning a total of 33 points for his team. For the Ceramics, C. Miller led his team with a total of 17 points for the night.

Crooksville is a small team but still played very aggressively. Meigs, Bobby Musser helped out a lot with height tonight, blocking multiple shots the Ceramics attempted to shoot and grabbing those defensive rebounds.

Meigs did still struggle in the 3rd quarter, however. The boys were making sloppy passes that ended in turnovers and made a 7-point difference into a 3-point difference really quickly.

But the fourth quarter is where the game got interesting. Baer was shining throughout the final quarter, getting assists, making shots, and grabbing steals. He went to the foul line three times in the last minute of the game and made 5 of 6 free throws, while the Ceramics were making 3-pointers almost every time they got possession of the ball. Unfortunately, for the Ceramics it wasn’t enough at the end.

Both teams played like it could be their last time on the court, making it some great basketball to watch, but the fourth quarter foul shots are what ultimately gave the Marauders the victory and a chance to face Oak Hill this Friday at Jackson High School.