🔈 #457SEO: Fighting the Stigma of HIV in the SEO

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The opioid epidemic has impacted every fabric of the social construct in southeast Ohio. And it has increased the risk of bloodborne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.

Roxy Todd bring us the story she filed for the Ohio Valley ReSource about how the stigma surrounding HIV has impacted those seeking help in rural areas.

The WOUB News team talks with Roxy about her reporting and what’s next in the series on HIV from the Ohio Valley ReSource.

Susan and Aaron visit with Dr. James Gaskell of the Athens City/County Health Department to discuss how bloodborne diseases are impacting southeast Ohio. And they talk about the department’s harm reduction program.

WOUB Culture reporter Emily Votaw visits the news team to talk about the busy spring season.

She bring us part of her sit-down interview with Evan Shaw, who put together the upcoming “Our Town: Athens” documentary debuting on March 25.

She also fills the news team in on the upcoming festivals.

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