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🔊 Listen: #457SEO… Rural Life Matters

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The latest episode of #457SEO features the longest one we’ve ever produced. It’s also the first one to include our Public Opinion segment.  The whole point of our work is to introduce listeners to information and viewpoints that are distinctly about improving the quality of life for southeast Ohioans. <— So, yeah, we’re trying a few things, and… Read More

🔊 457SEO: Meigs Against The World

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In this episode of #457SEO: Facing the reality that opiate addiction treatment centers need some measures of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to stay as is — if they’re going to continue to save lives. And joining us at the table, a Southeast Ohio native who is tired of feeling as if this region is… Read More

#457SEO: The What & How… to Help Episode

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Our ongoing look at how opioid abuse is draining our communities reveals what’s happening to the children impacted by the epidemic and an organization that believes, “Parents don’t always deserve their kids, but kids always deserve their parent. ” This episode also looks back at a key moment in Ohio’s recent history: the state’s Electoral… Read More