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WOUB News is a small team of journalists dedicated to researching, writing, gathering, and producing accurate information on behalf of its audiences in Southeast Ohio. As a part of those efforts Susan, Aaron, Atish, and Allison are now working on a weekly audio broadcast: 457SEO…   where stories, information, and observations about our communities are shared and explored.
 Attached to this link is our first show. During this episode:

457SEO ep 1: Rebecca Keller, Drug Testing, and Chris Riddle
457SEO ep 1: Rebecca Keller, School Drug Testing, and Chris Riddle
  • we hear from a local pro-Trump Republican who believes the presidential candidate can bring us together as “Americans, again.”
  • Aaron Payne looks at the costs of drug testing local teens at school as a way to address opioid use
  • and, THE AMAZING Chris Riddle explains how he helped save a life… *which inspired Atish to do the same.
We hope you’ll listen to… have mercy on… and share feedback about… this episode. Like the people working on it, the show is imperfect and dedicated to improving as we continue our mission to inform and engage you and the rest of our 457SEO neighbors.