Trump’s Takeover | FRONTLINE | Coming Tuesday, April 10 at 10

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Donald Trump’s first year as p​resident has been marked by unprecedented turmoil: open warfare with Republican leaders; Twitter attacks on GOP senators; and inflammatory statements that rally​ Trump’s base, outrage Republican legislators and further divide the country.

In Trump’s Takeover, FRONTLINE investigates how an outsider and ​novice politician came to Washington on a promise to “drain the swamp” and inflamed a high-stakes struggle for control of the Republican Party. Through interviews with senior White House officials, Congressional leaders, close Trump confidantes and longtime Republican Party officials,​ Trump’s​ Takeover examines how ambitions for unified Republican control in Washington collided with the realities of a deeply divided party.

The film explores President Trump’s clash with Congress, his demands for loyalty, his willingness to humiliate fellow ​Republicans, and Trump’s efforts to reshape the party around divisive cultural issues. As Washington grapples with the lasting impact Trump’s presidency will have on t​he American political system, FRONTLINE provides an unparalleled look at a president at war over the future of his party.​