‘Like a Canyon’: Speaking With Megan Bee

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In September of 2017 Athens-based musician Megan Bee released her second solo album, entitled ‘Like a Canyon.’ Inspired by everything from Bee’s multitude of explorations across the country as a traveling farmhand to her own, intricate interpersonal contemplation, the album is continuing to garner acclaim, having taken home both the Best Americana Album and Best Singer-Songwriter Album titles from the Ohio Music Awards earlier this year. Bee recorded the album with producer Bernie Nau of Peachfork Studios last year, with accompaniment from some of the esteemed players from the Mountain Stage house band. 

WOUB’s Emily Votaw spoke to Bee and Nau about the making of the album, what sort of unique sonic treats Bee brings to the table, and the unique experiences that led to the creation of ‘Like a Canyon.’