Early Lease Terminations Lead to Issues for Students

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by Hayden Clark

ATHENS, OH – Off campus Ohio University students are focused on more than just finals. OU students are forced to leave their current place of residence either the same day of graduation or very close to it.

The quick turnaround that landlords need to make on the residencies leads to the quick termination date. Students are having to make arrangements for their furniture, with one student not being able to celebrate graduating because of it.

“It’s just really unfortunate,” Michael Traci, a senior living off campus said. “My family is coming down on Saturday to see me walk on graduation and I’m not going to be able to celebrate at all because I am going to be stuck moving.”

Students say that it doesn’t help that different landlords having different lease starts. This leads to students who are moving from one house to another having to store their stuff down in Athens for a week or more.

“The whole moving situation down here is just pretty upsetting.,” Paul Donato, a junior living off campus, said. “I’m moving a couple buildings down and I have to put all my stuff in a U-Haul for a week in a half because the leases don’t match up.”

Students are hoping that they can reach out to Ohio University’s Student Senate and see if something can be done about this on-going issue.