An Appetizing App Allowing Students to Help Students

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ATHENS, Ohio – Two things that tend to go together, college students and food. However, those same students may not realize that food has never been more accessible on the campus of Ohio University through the easy-to-operate app, Joy Run.

The simple app has become increasingly popular in Athens during the Fall semester. What started as a simple food delivery service on just a few campuses has now made its way to universities across America, including Ohio University. The app features an ‘ask’ button which prompts employees to pick up a food-run request and deliver it at a fee chosen by the driver. Students are then put in a group chat with the student driver and others ordering to personalize their order and to make the run as efficient as possible. 

The concept of students serving other students was an idea that attracted sophomore Connor Mills to use the app.

“Ordering delivery is much more worth it for me if I know that I’m paying a fellow student for my food and not just some common restaurant employee,” he said.

Joy Run’s mission is to connect the campus and the students. They accomplish this by employing the students of the campus to deliver to that same campus.

Joy Run is a campus-exclusive app, it’s only for college students,”  said Colin Lekstutis, a student employee of Joy Run. “It’s a very informal app that really appeals to the way that college students act and the way college students are because it’s for college students, essentially run by college students.”

Downloading the app virtually gives the student a job, and most college students could use a few more dollars in their pockets.

What separates Joy Run from any other delivery service is that it’s quick, personal and simple; three things college students can get behind as they grow their bond with campus – one delivery at a time.