Episode 122 : The Ten Principles for Building a High Quality System of Assessment

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In an effort to improve assessment practices, a collaboration between 19 different organizations representing educational researchers, educational policy reform advocates, private sector interests, and others, recently released “The Ten Principles for Building a High Quality System of Assessment.” (

A primary objective of the Ten Principles is to improve the ecological validity of assessment practices by bringing equity to the development of students’ academic, career, and civic aptitudes. Guests on the program include workforce Expert, Gail Norris, who is the U.S. Lead for Industry Learning Services at Siemens; Dr. Rebecca Wolfe, who is an education policy advocate and Associate Vice President of JFF’s Students at the Center initiative; and, Dr. David Conley, Founder of Ed Imagine and researcher focused on college and career readiness, student ownership of learning, and systems of assessment.