Gladden House Sessions 2018: Twain

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Mt. (Matthew) Davidson, aka Twain, performed on Saturday June 2, the third day of the 2018 Nelsonville Music Festival and by far the most eventful day at the Gladden House.

Originally from Roanoke, VA, Davidson has been touring across the United States for quite a while, sometimes playing solo, sometimes playing with a band, such as Spirit Family Reunion. During his Gladden House set, Davidson speaks briefly about the unique experience of recording his recently released EP Dec. 6-12, 2016. 

Davidson begins his set with “High Tide” a song from the 2016 self-release, Alternator E.P. This song contained imaginative lyrics and the twang of a folk guitar that blended well with the atmosphere of the rest of the festival. Following “High Tide” Davidson announced his second tune as an unnamed song that is later confirmed to be called “10 Years of Love.” This tune switches from the folk guitar sound to a light, dreamy guitar. Finishing the set with “Inner Beauty,” a soothing lullaby that highlights Davidson’s pure voice.