Gladden House Sessions 2018: Tank and the Bangas

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Tank and the Bangas brought their infectious energy to the Gladden House on third day of the 2018 Nelsonville Music Festival.

Hailing from New Orleans, LA, the band combines a variety of musical genres into one singular sound that is as unique as their stage presence.

Tank and the Bangas waded methodically into their set with “Walmart,” (off of 2013’s Think Tank,) a song that serves as both a poetic reminiscence over a broken romantic partner and a biting commentary on consumerism. The band started up the beat before the song was recognizable, and Tarriana “Tank” Ball eventually made her way onto the Gladden House stage, greeted by legions of applause.

The outfit then launched into “Quick,” the tune made popular by their winning entry into NPR’s 2017 Tiny Desk Contest. The song very well might have the most impressive lyrical usage of the phrase “slip a mickey” in recent pop music history.

After tidying up their big hit, an ambitious and small child ran up to Ball out of the swelling crowd, much to her amusement. “It’s a child!” she exclaimed, before kindly reciprocating the kid’s high-five.

Tank and her crew then finished their set with the heart-wrenching “Oh Heart,” a melodic meditation on heartbreak and self-love released on 2013’s Think Tank.