Kasich To Kick Off Final State Fair As Future Looms

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich is kicking off his final state fair as political observers wonder what the vocal detractor of President Donald Trump might do next.

The two-time presidential contender Wednesday will open one of the bellwether state’s biggest family events.

Kasich will no doubt shake hands and tout Ohio’ agriculture economy. He’ll also likely join administration efforts to reassure visitors the fair is safe a year after a catastrophic ride failure killed an 18-year-old man and injured seven other people.

Kasich has been one of his party’s most outspoken critics of the Republican president.

As he nears term limits in January, Kasich has turned most of his attention toward national political issues and appearances. He also co-leads a bipartisan governors group focused on bipartisan policy compromises.