Liz Fisher and Corey Dickerson of Columbus-based band The Cordial Sins. The outfit will be performing at the Bellwether Festival in Waynesville, OH on Saturday, August 11. (Submitted)

Dissecting Alternative Rock With Columbus’ Cordial Sins

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The Cordial Sins are raucous-yet-tuneful alternative rock group hailing from Columbus. With dreamy, affected vocals from Liz Fisher and snarly, educated licks from guitarist Corey Dickerson, it’s no wonder that the mid-Ohio outfit has been receiving increasing attention for their sound, which hints at a greater understanding and deeper appreciation for the oft-maligned genre of alternative rock, which justly ruled the airwaves at the turn of the millennia.

“What we want to the most with our music is to draw on our favorite influences, not to replicate them want, but to do it in our own style,” said Fisher in an interview with WOUB Public Media only a few days before the band performs at the Bellwether Festival in Waynesville, OH on Saturday, August 11. “It has more to do with the thought process behind the writing, which is something that is difficult to articulate.”

When listening to The Cordial Sins’ self-released 2017 debut EP Only Human it is hard to not draw similarities to the likes of Australian mid-2000s rockers The Vines, or seminal alternative rock gods Wilco or Radiohead or every My Bloody Valentine — and that’s not a bad thing. The band’s most recently released single, the effortlessly catchy “Sick of the Hype,” is loaded with delectable reverb on the vocals and crunchy guitars that seem to move in perfect pop-rock synchronicity.

The band visited WOUB’s studios for an interview, which is embedded above, in which they discuss the formation of The Cordial Sins, the way the duo works in terms of songwriting, and what they’re planning to do next. Fisher and Dickerson also graced WOUB’s studios with stripped down versions of the aforementioned “Sick of the Hype,” as well as the yet-to-be-released “Not Enough.”