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Perin Indicted On Further Charges In Kidnapping, Rape Case

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ATHENS — An Athens man is facing even more charges after a grand jury indicted him, adding charges of conspiracy to commit murder to his list of charges which also include rape and kidnapping.

Neil Perin. Photo courtesy of the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.

Neil Perin, 34, was indicted on 29 charges including the original charges of rape, endangering children and kidnapping, along with charges from a previous superseding indictment that added charges of intimidation of an attorney, victim or witness in a criminal case. This new superseding indictment brings charges of trafficking in persons for commercial sex acts and felony conspiracy, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

On the conspiracy charge, the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office alleged Perin offered to set up a “trust fund” for the children of an inmate in the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail or to pay him cash in exchange for giving the victim in Perin’s case “a fatal dose of heroin.”

Prosecutors also say Perin gave the inmate “detailed directions and description of the residence of (the victim) and how to administer the fatal dose to make it appear as an overdose,” the indictment stated, adding that Perin allegedly showed the man pictures of the victim and “further directions to ensure the children did not witness the murder.”

Perin was originally indicted in June after being arrested in Cleveland in April. A statewide Amber Alert was triggered after Perin allegedly assaulted his wife and took her children, ages 4, 2, and 1. He also allegedly changed the license plates on the vehicle he was driving, according to previous reporting by WOUB.

The entire indictment charges him with two counts of domestic violence, two counts of abduction, seven counts of kidnapping, eight counts of endangering children, five counts of intimidation of an attorney, victim or witness in a criminal case, and one count each of rape, trafficking in persons – commercial sex acts, disrupting public services and conspiracy.

He is being held at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail on $2.5 million bond.