Tri-Valley Shows Their Dominance Once Again

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Tonight like every other Friday, the Tri-Valley Scotties proved that as soon as they hit the field, they are the team in command. As soon as the ball was theirs, Crooksville didn’t stand a chance.

Scoring quickly and scoring early, Tri-Valley took a 21-point lead by the end of the first quarter, with all three being touchdown passes that were made in 5 plays or less. By that point, Crooksville hadn’t even crossed the 30 yard line. While slowing down slightly after that, the Scotties kept up the pressure and pacing it out, scoring every quarter. The two players leading the way were quarterback Luke Fargus, who went 12-18 with 3 touchdowns, and running back Jordan Pantaleo, who ran for 110 yards and two touchdowns over 11 carries.

Crooksville, on the other hand, struggled the entire game, earning only two first downs the entire game. Much like how Coach Casey Vallee stated earlier this week, “It’s very much a big guy versus little guy situation”. The Ceramics had 50 passing yards and -10 rushing yards, as well as two turnovers. Freshman quarterback Noah Dickerson was 6-9 with 47 yards, and was later swapped out for Brayden Cavinee, who threw and completed a three yard pass.

Crooksville seemed to finally start to come alive near the end of the second quarter, when Brayden Glanemann intercepted a pass meant for Tri-Valley’s Blayze Taylor, and Noah Dickerson’s passing game seemed to find a groove. However, this light was short-lived, as the Ceramics lost possession and the Scotties slowly ran out the clock for the half.

In the end, proving the claims of their deadly offense correct, The Scotties smashed the Ceramics 49-0.

Tri-Valley further polishes its record to 4-0, while Crooksville falls down to 0-5.

Crooksville will continue their home stand next week, facing Morgan. Tri-Valley will be back on the road, looking to continue their win streak against Philo.