Kasich: Local, National Shootings Have Done Little To Change Gun Law Debate

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich says more public pressure is needed to get state lawmakers around the country to tighten state gun laws.

Kasich has grown increasingly frustrated as he’s watched shootings from Las Vegas to his own hometown of Westerville do little to change the debate.

Ohio is not unique in watching legislation restricting gun use languish.

An Associated Press review of all firearms-related legislation passed this year find some gun control bills passing, but not to the game-changing level gun control advocates had hoped.

Ohio’s GOP-dominated Legislature has sidelined a package of what Kasich calls “common sense” gun law changes.

One Republican lawmaker says restrictions just aren’t the answer. A Democrat says such broad access to guns wasn’t what the Second Amendment’s framers envisioned.