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Vinton County Shocks Nelsonville-York

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In a neck and neck race which lasted the entirety of the game, Vinton County gave Nelsonville-York an unexpectedly close game, making sure to never fall too far behind.

The Buckeyes were sure to keep star player Keegan Wilburn a mainstay to their offense, with Wilburn scoring early on Nelsonville-York’s first drive of the game and later on in the first quarter. Overall, Wilburn ran for               164 yards and four touchdowns, one of which was from a reception.

Brandon Phillips was also a key to their offense, catching a 33 yard touchdown pass to tie the game right before halftime.

Despite all this, Nelsonville-York made mistakes when it mattered, recieving five penalties in the half alone, three of those for encroachment. The third encroachment call resulted in a first down for the Vikings, and Vinton County later scored on the same drive. Also, a fumble in the second quarter picked up by the Vikings lost them the lead.

Overall the Buckeyes lost 59 yards to nine penalties, compared to 50 yards over four by the Vikings.

Vinton County’s offense was well and alive tonight, always keeping Nelsonville-York on their heels. Lincoln Hayes, Logan Baker, and Caide Sibner all scored for the Vikings in the first half. Caide Sibner’s touchdown pushed the Vikings ahead to take the lead for the first time with 20 seconds left in the first half. Sibner scored two touchdowns for the Vikings, bested only by Logan Baker with three.

In the end, The Vikings out lasted the Buckeyes 39-35 after a touchdown by Logan Baker with 32 seconds left in the game.

Both teams will close out their season with their rivalry games, with Vinton County traveling to Wellston next Friday, and Nelsonville-York will return home to host Athens.