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Federal Hocking Lancers Boys and South Gallia Girls Hold Their Ground at The Top of the TVC-Hocking Standings

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With little changes in the standings, the Federal Hocking Lancers Boys continue to prove their dominance in the TVC-Hocking Boy’s standings. This week the Belpre Golden Eagles could shake things up in their rematch with Federal Hocking. The leader for the girls’ TVC-Hocking still belongs to the South Gallia Rebels, but that could change this week in the conference matchup with the Waterford Wildcats.   

TVC-Hocking Boys’ Standings 

Federal Hocking Lancers logo1. Federal Hocking Lancers | 14-2 (Conf. 7-0)   

The Federal Hocking Lancers continue their 14-game-winning streak this past week after winning three games. They beat the Vinton County Vikings, who are leading the TVC-Ohio this past week, 72-60. After that game, they had a second meeting with the South Gallia Rebels and swept the season series. They finished the week off with a 66-58 win over Marietta. 

With their eyes set on earning the title of TVC-Hocking, the Federal Hocking Lancers will have a chance to win two conference games this week against the Belpre Golden Eagles and Eastern Eagles. With five conference games left in their season, the two wins this week would help build a bigger lead, so that they could take home that TVC-Hocking title. 


Trimble Tomcats logo2. Trimble Tomcats | 8-6 (Conf. 5-2)  

Picking up two wins and a loss this past week, the Trimble Tomcats are still second in the standings. They were able to pick up wins from Miller and Eastern but could not pick up a win against cross-county rival, Nelsonville-York.  

Looking ahead this week, Trimble will face conference foe, Southern, and then take on TVC-Ohio member, the Meigs Marauders. A win against Southern could help Trimble bounce back into a better mindset after the tough loss against the Nelsonville-York Buckeyes.    


Belpre Golden Eagles3. Belpre Golden Eagles | 9-7 (Conf. 5-2)  

As the Belpre Golden Eagles continue through the season, they still find themselves two games out of the conference lead. This week they lost against Parkersburg but turned the week around with a 60-40 conference win over the Southern Tornadoes.  

Belpre has a chance to shake up Federal Hocking’s confidence and end their winning streak at home this week. Earlier in the season, Belpre lost to Federal Hocking 50-59, so they will be seeking revenge. After the Federal Hocking matchup, Belpre will face Marietta, who recently just lost against the Lancers 58-66.  


Waterford Wildcats logo4. Waterford Wildcats | 7-6 (Conf. 3-2)   

It was a tough week for the Waterford Wildcats after losing against Warren and then Shenandoah by 10. However, they remain fourth in the standings.    

The Waterford Wildcats are looking to bounce back after the two losses this past week and they will have two chances this week, both games being against conference foes: Southern and South Gallia. Since their game against South Gallia got canceled in December, this week’s game against the Rebels will be the first meeting with the two teams. 

South Gallia Rebels logo5. South Gallia Rebels | 7-8 (Conf. 2-4)   

Fifth place in the standings still belongs to the South Gallia Rebels. First, they faced the TVC-Ohio opponent, River Valley, and won by seven. They lost against Federal Hocking but then recovered with a win against Sciotoville East 52-42. 

Hunting for more conference wins, the Rebels will have two in-conference games this week. First, they will have their second matchup of the season with the Eastern Eagles. They beat the Eagles 69-68 on Dec. 13. After that game, the Rebels will have their first meeting of the season against the Waterford Wildcats. 

Eastern Eagles logo6. Eastern Eagles | 3-13 (Conf. 1-5)   

After losing to Point Pleasant on Jan. 14, the Eastern Eagles recovered with a 50-48 win over TVC-Ohio member, the Wellston Golden Rockets. However, they lost against Trimble and then Wahama. 

This week the Eastern Eagles will face conference foes: South Gallia and Federal Hocking. 

Southern Tornadoes logo7. Southern Tornadoes | 3-13 (Conf 0-8)  

The Tornadoes lost against Nelsonville-York and Belpre but earned their third win of the season, 68-63 against River Valley. 

Looking for their first conference win of the season, the Southern Tornadoes will have two chances against conference foes: the Waterford Wildcats and Trimble Tomcats. In the last meeting between the Southern Tornadoes and the Trimble Tomcats, the Southern Tornadoes lost 41-49 on Dec. 16.   

TVC-Hocking Girls’ Standings 

South Gallia Rebels logo1. South Gallia Rebels | 16-2 (Conf. 9-0)  

No opponent has put a stop to the South Gallia Rebels’ 10-game-winning streak, which is one of the reasons why they lead the TVC-Hocking. They picked up three wins this past week against opponents River Valley, Symmes Valley, and conference opponent, Trimble.  

With three more conference games left of the season, the South Gallia Rebels are pushing to be undefeated in the conference. This week they will play two of those conference games against Waterford and Belpre and have a chance to earn some more season series sweeps.  


Waterford Wildcats logo2. Waterford Wildcats | 11-5 (Conf. 7-1)    

Hungry for the title of TVC-Hocking, the Waterford Wildcats are right on the tail of the South Gallia Rebels. This past week they lost against Parkersburg South but changed their momentum around with a 52-15 win over Federal Hocking and then a 47-39 win over Linsly.   

The big matchup between Waterford and South Gallia takes place this week in Waterford on Jan. 23. In The last meeting between the two teams, South Gallia won 48-31, but Waterford could be looking to break South Gallia’s undefeated conference record. Later in the week, Waterford will play Southern, and they beat them 60-19 earlier in the season. They finish the week off with an out-of-conference game against Jackson. If Waterford wins both conference games this week, plus two more conference games next week, they will push South Gallia out of first place and win the TVC-Hocking title.   

Eastern Eagles logo3. Eastern Eagles | 12-6 (Conf. 6-3)   

The Eastern Eagles are on a roll with a 6-game-winning streak. They picked up three wins this past week against Wellston, Southern, and Symmes Valley. With the win against Southern, Eastern earns the season series sweep.  

The remainder of the regular season will be in-conference games for Eastern where they will face conference foes: Trimble, Belpre, and South Gallia. This week they play Trimble Tomcats at home.    

Federal Hocking Lancers logo4. Federal Hocking Lancers | 9-8 (Conf. 3-6)   

Federal Hocking faced a tough loss this past week against conference rival, the Waterford Wildcats. This is the Lancers’ third straight loss. 

If Federal Hocking wants to break their losing streak, they have a chance to break it against the conference opponent, the Belpre Golden Eagles, this week. They will also have the chance to sweep Belpre as well.  

Trimble Tomcats logo5. Trimble Tomcats | 3-11 (Conf. 2-6)   

The Trimble Tomcats faced some challenging opponents this past week but remain fifth in the standings. They lost against the leaders of the TVC-Hocking, South Gallia, and then also faced Nelsonville York, who is ranked very high in the standings for TVC-Ohio.  

Looking to break their three-game losing streak, the Tomcats will first have a chance to break it against Southern, but if they don’t then they could break it against Eastern as well. 

Belpre Golden Eagles6. Belpre Golden Eagles | 3-14 (Conf. 2-7)  

The Belpre Golden Eagles found a way to break their losing streak against Moorefield at the St. Mary’s Invitational but then lost against Ritchie County 41-49 at the same invitational. Before the Invitational, Belpre lost against Marietta. 

To improve their spot in the standings, the Belpre Golden Eagles must win more conference games. This week they will play Federal Hocking and then South Gallia. In the last meeting with Federal Hocking, Belpre lost 52-54 and will be looking to prevent the Lancers from earning the sweep. 


Southern Tornadoes logo7. Southern Tornadoes | 5-13 (Conf. 1-8)    

The Southern Tornadoes lost both of their games this past week against Ravenswood and Eastern.  

If the Tornadoes want to pick up their first conference series sweep, then they have a chance against the Trimble Tomcats. They beat the Tomcats 44-37 on Dec. 10. The other game will be against conference foe, Waterford Wildcats.