5-Foot Rattlesnake Found In Eastern Ohio

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CADIZ, Ohio (AP) – A nearly 5-foot-long rattlesnake has been found in eastern Ohio well north of its normal habitat.

The Times Reporter reports wildlife officials recently learned that a timber rattlesnake had been run over on U.S. Route 250. The 57-inch-long (145-centimeter) snake was found dead near Tappan Lake in Harrison County.

The state Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife says timber rattlesnakes normally live about 100 miles (161 kilometers) to the south. They’re listed by the state as an endangered species.

Experts say they are the most dangerous snakes in northeastern America but aren’t aggressive toward humans.

State wildlife biologists will test DNA from the snake to determine whether it’s from southern Ohio or part of a group residing in an area roughly 100 miles (161 kilometers) southeast of Cleveland.