Workers Move to Phase Two on New Athens Hotel

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ATHENS, Ohio– Progress is being made on the construction of the new hotel on the corner of Carpenter Street and East State Street.

Demetrios Prokos, Principal of Prokos Managements LLC, said the hotel is expected to open in late March or early April, 2019.

Prokos said the $3 million hotel will be different from others as it will be an upscale hotel.

Despite the smaller footprint than other hotels in the area, there will be plenty of parking. Athens requires hotels to provide one parking space for every two rooms. When completed, the hotel will have 32 parking spots, well over the minimum requirement for the 24-room hotel.

People are already trying to make reservations, Prokos said. And while they aren’t yet taking reservations they will take contact information and call customers back when the hotel is completed.

With uptown Athens so close the hotel will not have a bar or restaurant, but it will have a breakfast area, Prokos said.

Workers hang exterior panels
Workers unloading metal that is stored at an off site location.
When finished the 24 room hotel will look like this.
A construction worker looks carefully as he raises the metal to a floor above.