Top Tunes ’18: Charlie Touvell

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Wow! 2018 has come and gone, and it’s about time we reflect on our favorite sounds of the past year. Leading up through the end of the year, WOUB Culture will be spotlighting what various music-centric people throughout the region have been enjoying the most for the past 12 months.

Charlie Touvell

Charlie’s Top Picks of twentyoneoneeight(2018)

Bio: Charlie is a basic witch with a majick wand. Working in his basement, the Cosmic Coven, he drums for psych garage magicians Water Witches and is the shy one in indy boi band glitter pop project, Big Wet Dream. He loves you and wants to get to know you better. Hit him up on the Insta @bigwetdr3am and give him those hearts.

BroadcastTender Buttons

Discovering Broadcast this year was like two lovers locking eyes across a dance floor for the first time… it just feels so right. Broadcast has everything I want right now in music: Haunting vocals, an aching aura of sadness, dissonant noises and sick synths. Curl up in your bed and weep gently with yourself.


Bruce HaackElectric Lucifer

Early experimental synth weirdo esoteric sex funk. It’s amazing. Just reading the song titles turns me on.


BodegaEndless Scrool

Taut, wry, health rock with a serious examination of our techno fascist reality. Water Witches opened up for Bodega this summer. Their show was a powerful positive energy attack. Bonus: they are lovely human beings. Check em out.


Jack StauberHi-Lo

Kooky, pop synth, paired with the best videos out there. What would happen if Pee-Wee Herman made Pop music? This is close. All the heart emojis.


Patrick CowleyAfternoons

Early 80$ disco synth porno pop. Literally the soundtrack for a 70$ gay porn compilation. It’s hard not to shake your booty. This is pure Menergy.

Also on my playlists: Ariel Pink, John Maus, Soft Hair, Frank Ocean, OOIOO, U.S. Girls, Kraftwerk

Big shout-out to all the wonderful bands I’ve played with in 2018 including Diane Coffee, The Molice, Heaven’s Gateway Drugs, The Harlequins, Garbage Greek, Bummers, The Wastemen, Lemon Sky, Streetlamps for Spotlights, Speaking Suns, Venus Fly Traps, $tyle $tar, Planet Jackpot, MaHolos, D-Rays, Slackluster, Weird Science