Miles Curtiss of Marvin the Robot. (Submitted)

Marvin the Robot Releases “Here’s Looking at You”

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Marvin the Robot is the low-fi, indie rock project of Columbus-based musician Miles Curtiss, and he’s been been exploring themes of love, loss, and alienation with weird, ultra-sincere tunes since 1999. On Valentine’s Day, the band released “Here’s Looking at You,” a single from their forthcoming album, The Sonic Grimoire. The A-side is ragged, gorgeous, and lonely. After a millisecond of the track, we’re dropped straight into the song, as though we just tuned into it on the dial of some radio broadcasting from an alternative universe, seething with emotion.

B-side “It’s Not Yours” is an winding, delectably off-kilter sonic testament to the lack of agency that one has in precisely determining how a romantic entanglement will resolve — or so it seems. No matter what exact emotional territory the song is exploring, it’s certainly fun to listen to, complete with gently sawing strings.

Listen to WOUB’s interview with Curtiss about the single, embedded above.