Body builders stand during the opening of professional men’s body building final event. (Robert Green/WOUB)

Photos: The Arnold Sports Festival 2019

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An airman plays a VR game. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Arnold Schwarzenegger streams a live video of himself and the sword he used in his film, Conan The Barbarian. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Dancers pratice in a lobby. (Robert Green/WOUB)
A contestant attempts to hold two "Dinnie Stones" off the ground longer than the other competitors. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Mateusz Ostaszewski drops the weight after a succesful deadlift. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Hafthor "The Mountain" Bjornsson bleeds from his forehead while he attempts to break his own world record deadlift. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Andrea Thompson matches a world record by completing her second 150lb overhead dumbell lift. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Dinnie Stones from Scottland are held off the ground. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Jim Lorimer announces the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Body builders stand during the opening of professional men's body building final event. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Cedrik McMillon flexes on stage. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Cedrik McMillon and Arnold Schwarzenegger take a video together. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Robert Simms is hit by George Arias. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Robert Simms and George Arias hit eachother. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Alante Green has his eyes checked after being knocked unconscious for over a minute. (Robert Green/WOUB)
An art instilation in the Greater Columbus Convention Center. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Spectators watch the Arnold Classic in the Batelle Grand Ballroom in Columbus, Ohio on March 2, 2019. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Alante Green lays on the floor of the boxing ring after being knocked out in the 2nd round of his fight against Anthony Trotter. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Allen Evans fences Bradley Ochs. (Robert Green/WOUB)
Arnold Schwarzenegger awards the first place amature bodybuilder with a trophy. (Robert Green/WOUB)