Athens Baseball: Bulldogs dominating the TVC-Ohio

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ATHENS, Ohio — It’s been almost three years since the Athens Bulldogs last lost a game in the TVC-Ohio.

“It’s really neat,” Athens head coach Todd Nuzum said. “I hope to continue through this year with the streak because that is our goal. We hope to win the TVC and continue in the tournament as far as we can.”

The streak is currently at 30 games. The key to their success — it’s all about the “daddyhack”.

“You’re just trying to go up there to hit a nuke,” Athens pitcher and shortstop Nate Trainer said. “Just swinging as hard as you can and just taking a big hack.”

“We just hit bombs every game,” Athens catcher and infielder Finn Mitchell said. “That’s all there is to it.”

Hitting bombs and taking care of business on the diamond.

“Like coach says, the players who field the best and throw the best usually win,” Mitchell said.

But it also helps that the core of this Bulldogs team has been playing together for the best eight years.

“They do everything together,” Nuzum said. “Not just off the field, but on the field to. You can just see how tight they are.”

“The closeness, how everyone just feels so comfortable playing with each other,” Trainer said. “Everyone’s hungry, everyone wants to win. It’s just a bunch of gamers playing ball.”

So the chemistry is there to make winning easy, but more importantly, just having fun.

“We like to break things up and give them a little free day and have a little fun from time-to-time,” Nuzum said.

“It’s a very loose group,” Trainer said. “We’ve got a ton of funny kids that keep it very loose.”

“Probably the bombs I hit,” Mitchell said. ” I don’t play a whole lot, but when I do, big daddyhacks.”

The Bulldogs might just be “daddyhacking” their way to their thrived straight TVC-Ohio title.