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Bonds Offered To Help Fund New Athens School Buildings

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ATHENS (WOUB) — Athens City Schools is now offering tax exempt bonds to people who wish to support the funding of the new school buildings.

At Thursday’s regular meeting of the Athens Board of Education, the school district announced it received an updated credit rating earlier this week, which now allows people to buy bonds at $5,000 increments. The tax exempt bonds for some investors may be exempt from local, state and federal taxes.

Superintendent Tom Gibbs said the school system has never offered bonds to the public in his tenure as head of the district, and he hopes they can help with the cost of the new school buildings.

“If anyone has the ability to spend $5,000, it would be greatly appreciated by the district,” Gibbs said.

The amount of money collected from these bonds can not exceed $60.5 million, according to the district. The bonds are being underwritten by financial company Baird. Those interested in buying a bond must contact Baird before April 22.

More information about the bonds can be found on the Athens City Schools website.