Michaela Dorsey steps up to the plate. PHOTO: Nick Mullens/WOUB

Ohio Softball: Michaela Dorsey Battles to Contribute in her Senior Season

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When Ohio called for a pinch hitter in the top of the seventh inning against in-state rival Ohio State on April 16, Ohio Head Coach Kenzie Roark called on redshirt senior Michaela Dorsey to pinch hit.

Dorsey responded in the only way she knows how, by hitting a double down the left field line.

“Our dugout roared when she hit that ball down the line.” Roark said. “The moment was perfect because of who was holding the bat.”

Dorsey hasn’t been one to shy away from big opportunities in her Bobcat career, and in the biggest moments, she has delivered.

“She came up clutch in the Ohio State game, and that’s been the story of her entire career.” Roark said.

Rewinding to the most clutch performance of her career, on May 12, 2018, in the MAC championship game against Northern Illinois. Dorsey hit a two run home run in the second inning, which would account for the only runs of the game.

To this day, Dorsey keeps the bat that hit the game winning home run to send the Bobcats to the NCAA Tournament, despite the fact that the bat is broken.

“I’m a big hoarder, I still have every note ever written to me and I’m a very sentimental person.” Dorsey said. “I still have it in my bag and I’m trying to have a burial service for it (the bat) at some point.”

So why was this pinch hit double so important for somebody who hit eight home runs and batted .329 with 33 runs in her junior season?

It’s because Dorsey wasn’t even sure she would ever get the opportunity to step on a softball field again following that season.

In August 2018, Dorsey was released from the ICU after suffering complications from her Diabetes. After that, she began a long recovery period, but never gave up hope.

Finally in February 2019, she gets cleared by doctors but heard from them that she likely wouldn’t be able to make it through an entire game.

Dorsey proved them wrong.

“This year we weren’t sure she was ever going to be able to compete,” Roark said. “The fact that she is able to compete in practices and games is honestly a miracle.”

This season Dorsey has appeared in 13 games. She has two hits and a perfect fielding percentage in three chances in the outfield.

“I’m so thankful to be here around my great group of girls and coaches,” Dorsey said. “I’m lucky to have it because I was told I wouldn’t make it through another game, so to stand here with them is awesome.”

This experience hasn’t been easy on Dorsey, but that has made her appreciate what she has accomplished this season that much more.

“It’s been exhausting and humbling,” Dorsey said. “When you are put in situations like that you get some things taken away that you thought you would have.”

Dorsey and the rest of the Ohio seniors will play their final regular season home series April 26-27th when the Miami RedHawks travel to Athens. For the rest of the seniors, seeing Dorsey’s determination and success helps keep them going.

“(Michaela) has fought so much adversity and she’s a great team player, great teammate, one of our captains and (her teammates) love seeing her do well.” Roark said.