The Coal Cave Hollow Boys, Lincoln Mash, Peter Mendenhall, Jason Couchenour, and Thomas Adams. (Submitted)

The Coal Cave Hollow Boys to Perform at Casa April 25

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The Coal Cave Hollow Boys, a local bluegrass band seen at many venues around Southeast Ohio, will play at Casa Nueva (6 West State Street, Athens) this Thursday, April 25.

The Coal Cave Hollow Boys describe their sound as high-energy guitar, mandolin, banjo and bass-filled bluegrass. Thomas Adams, the band’s mandolin player, says they try to keep their sound true to traditional bluegrass music.

“We’re trying to stay a little bit more true to the traditions, but doing it our unique way,” Adams said. “I think we just sort of know what we want to do, and we’ve all had a ton of experience playing live and deliver it really well.”

Adams, who has played mandolin and guitar professionally for 10 years in genres including metal, classic rock and country, said he formed the band soon after meeting Lincoln Mash, the band’s lead vocalist and guitar player.

Thomas Adams of The Coal Cave Hollow Boys. (Submitted)

“I used to play pool with his dad down at The Union, and he was telling me for years and years that I needed to meet his son,” Adams said. “Being older, I just kind of blew it off as someone talking his kid up. Then we finally met one day and played. We just immediately started booking shows. We’ve been playing strong for almost two years now.”

Outside of music, Adams works at a school for special needs children in Columbus, Mash is a high school student, and bass player Peter Mendenhall works at an insurance company. They do not have a permanent banjo player. Still, they find time to play between two and four shows a week. Adams said they currently have 70 shows booked.

“We play so much we don’t really practice,” Adams said. “We’re together three to four days a week, and we’re always playing around before shows and stuff. It can be [hectic], but it’s what we all want to do.”

In addition to their show at Casa Nueva, the band also plays regularly at the Eclipse Company Store and has played shows at The Union, the Pawpaw Festival and the Nelsonville Music Festival.

Adams said he believes the band’s success comes from not only their ability to be entertaining, but to work hard as well.

“We’re trying to do it as a job and play as much as we can, and everybody’s on the same page with that,” Adams said. “We strive to put on a good show, but we’re also really hard on ourselves to make sure we’re giving one hundred percent on the musicianship side as well.”

The Coal Cave Hollow Boys will play at Casa Nueva on Thursday, April 25 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is free.