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Defining Moments-Conversations about Health & Healing: New from WOUB

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On Memorial Day, WOUB Public Media will launch a new podcast: “Defining Moments Podcast: Conversations about Health and Healing” hosted by Dr. Lynn Harter, an expert in health communication.

The new podcast showcases stories about living well in the midst of vulnerability and hardship. Episodes feature an eclectic group of guests who share moments of uncertainty, innovation and resilience.

Dr. Harter draws on twenty years of experience in health contexts to spark conversations with a wide variety of people that move between personal anecdotes and societal health challenges.

Each episode will be accompanied by articles appearing in “Health Communication” published by the Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group and other online resources. These articles will be open to the public to supplement the podcast conversations.
“Defining Moments Podcast disrupts the silence that too often surrounds vulnerability, and allows narrators and audiences to imagine new normals,” according to Dr. Harter.

“I’m excited to share Season 1 episodes with listeners. The podcast is only as good as the stories shared by guests, and the stories shared are remarkable,” Dr. Harter says. “I’m grateful that participants trusted me to share their stories, and I believe each episode will leave listeners with an enlarged sense of both the human condition and our capacity for resilience.”

Dr. Lynn Harter, the host and producer, is an award-winning professor, an Emmy award-winning documentarian and a multimedia storyteller. Her academic expertise is in narrative theory and storytelling practice. She also is the co-founder of the Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University.

This new podcast is the result of a partnership between WOUB Public Media, the Storytelling Institute, and the Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.

You can subscribe for free to the Defining Moments Podcast through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play and NPR One. You also will be able to listen to each episode on the WOUB Listen page.

Dr. Harter has recorded an audio preview of the podcast, below, and also available here.