Heat Wave to Impact the Region Friday, Saturday

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A dangerous heat wave will be impacting Ohio and most of the East Coast this weekend.

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat watch for all of southeast Ohio. This watch goes into effect at noon on Friday and will remain in effect until 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Starting on Friday, and lasting through Sunday, temperatures around the area will be around the mid-90s, with some areas pushing upwards towards 100° or higher due to a passing warm front. This heat, combined with high dew points and humidity left behind from the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry, will make it feel between 100° and 110° around most of the area.

This heat wave will be impacting a larger portion of the United States; as far west as Minnesota and the Great Lakes Region, and ranging from Florida up through New England.

With heat indexes this high, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or other heat related illnesses will be likely if outside for extended periods of time. Reduce the amount of time spent outside. Take breaks in the shade or air conditioning. Be sure to check up on the elderly and people who may not have air conditioning available to them.

Click here for heat safety tips and what to do if you experience a heat related illness. If you suffer from a heat related illness, do not drink cold water, instead, drink warmer, room temperature water. Heat related illnesses comes from your body being too hot, and the sudden presence of cold water in your stomach can trick your body into thinking you are hypothermic. This would then prompt your arteries to restrict, cause your heart rate to drop, and possibly make you lose consciousness. 

The weather will start to cool down at the start of next week, with temperatures on Tuesday forecast to be in the mid- to upper- 70s.