Sierra Ferrell II Gladden House Sessions 2019

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Sierra Ferrell graced the Gladden House Sessions on the second day of the Nelsonville Music Festival with her opulent, old-time spirit. Born amidst the rich musical influence of West Virginia, Sierra Ferrell combines her hometown honky-tonk roots with a fierce jazz and swing vitality, creating a sound that is all her own.

With an equal love for bluegrass, country, and ’20s jazz, Ferrell combines the subtle melodies of folk music with whimsical ragtime to create a remarkable twang that has brought her a growing and devoted following. Since picking up the guitar at age 20, Ferrell has been hopping trains across the country. Now, after numerous bar gigs, local radio appearances, and small venue shows, she has been performing at festivals across the country, and has released two albums since 2018.

Sierra Ferrell began her enchanting performance with the yet-to-be-released “I’m Made Like That” followed by “Why’d Ya Do It” and ending with “Give It Time.” As an encore, she performed “Rosemary” from her 2019 album, Washington by the Sea (self released).