WOUB’s 2019 Back to School Playlist

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Classes are officially back in session on Ohio University’s Athens campus, where WOUB and Radio Free Athens are located. As the kids return, and some of us professionals head back to class ourselves, it seemed only appropriate to put together a list of our favorite songs that remind us of those days learning of American history and practical math. Check out our selections, below, and listen to a playlist of them, here.

From Susan Tebben, WOUB News

“Hot for Teacher” – Van Halen

“Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” – Avett Brothers

“Head Rolls Off” – Frightened Rabbit

“The New Year” – Death Cab For Cutie


From Michael T., Radio Free Athens DJ 

“St. Elmo’s Fire” – Brian Eno

“Summer’s Almost Gone” – The Doors

“Urge For Going” – Joni Mitchell

“Autumn Wine” – Unicorn

“Ramble On” – Led Zeppelin

“School Days” – Chuck Berry (still a song without peer)


From Emily Votaw, WOUB Arts and Culture Editor, Radio Free Athens DJ 

“Advice for Teenagers” – NRBQ

“Let Your Yeah be Yeah” – Jimmy Cliff (as my mother says, it’s a “Spiritual song,” and I didn’t understand that until recently)

“Sportsmen” – Haruomi Hosono

“The Wind” – Cat Stevens/Yusuf

“Statesboro Blues” – Blind Willie McTell


R@T, Radio Free Athens DJ 

“College, Corpses, and Chevrolets” – Mark Markham, If This Is Love, I Want My Money Back

“Wish You Were Here” – Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

“Living In a College Town” – Gravyland, 5 Cubic Feet Wheelbarrow 

“Faber College Theme” – Animal House Soundtrack 

“Where the Streets Have No Name” – U2, The Joshua Tree

“True Faith” – New Order, Substance 

“How Soon Is Now” – The Smiths, Meat Is Murder

“Begin the Begin” – R.E.M. Life’s Rich Pageant 

“Fearless” – Day for Night, Lead Us Not Into Temptation 

“Split Myself In Two” – Meat Puppets, II

“Turning of the Centuries” – The Snapdragons, The Snapdragons

“I Can’t Hardly Wait” – The Replacements, Pleased to Meet Me 

“Under the Milky Way” – The Church, Starfish

“Sunday Morning” – The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground and Nico 

“Up the Beach/Ocean Size” – Jane’s Addiction, Nothing’s Shocking

“Broken Whiskey Glass” – Jason and the Scorchers, Lost and Found

“Add It Up” – The Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes

“Why Can’t I Be You” – The Cure, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

“Get on the Bus” – Royal Crescent Mob, Omerita

“Come Back Lover” – 13 Engines, Before Our Time 

“Rise” – Public Image Ltd., Album

“Blood and Roses” – The Smithereens, Especially for You 

“The Static of the Sun” – Orchestraville, Orchestraville

“Summer’s Cauldron/Grass” – XTC, Skylarking

“Brave Captain” – Firehose, Ragin’ Full-On 

“Tunnel of Live” – Dire Straits, Making Movies 

“The Sevillian” – Larry and the Lima Beans

“I Can’t Stop Loving You” – Ray Charles, Greatest Hits