Nelsonville-York Keegan Wilburn
Nelsonville-York senior Keegan Wilburn (3) scores a touchdown during the Nelsonville-York vs. River Valley game on Sept. 20, 2019. (Abigail Dean/WOUB)

Wilburn Makes History As Buckeyes Beat Raiders

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Nelsonville York came onto the field and chanted “hit the field like, all day, all night like, offense, defense, house call like, hit squad like and it sound like and it sounds like.”

And they stayed true to their word.

Keegan Wilburn reached the top of Nelsonville York’s history books, becoming the school leader in receiving yards and touchdowns Friday as the Buckeyes blew out River Valley.

Nelsonville Buckeyes got a good start to the game and kept the momentum until the end as they won the game 51-18. With the Buckeyes on the attack in the first quarter, Wilburn seized a scoring opportunity in the first quarter, scoring the first touchdown on the ground.

River Valley senior Jared Reese (5) returns the ball during the game against Nelsonville-York on Sept. 20, 2019. (Abigail Dean/WOUB)
Nelsonville-York head coach Rusty Richards yells to his players during the game against River Valley on Sept. 20, 2019. (Abigail Dean/WOUB)
Nelsonville-York senior Mikey Seel (4) looks to pass the pass to a teammate during the game against River Valley on Sept. 20, 2019. (Abigail Dean/WOUB)
Nelsonville-York junior Colton Snyder (48) fights through the defense during the game against River Valley on Sept. 20, 2019. (Abigail Dean/WOUB)

The Raiders tried to get momentum of their own with running back Cole Young leading the charge, but all was futile against the Buckeye defense as Mikey Seel intercepted the ball and took it back for another touchdown for the Buckeyes, who celebrated loud and proud.

Wilburn scored his second touchdown with 5:48 minutes left in the first quarter. Meanwhile, any further attempts by the Raiders to score were stopped, punctuated with Jared Reese being brought down with a big hit by Buckeye Mitchell Keplar.

Though the Raiders never turned the ball over, they couldn’t keep up with the Buckeyes, who dominated the offensive side in the second quarter too. The presence of a good aerial defense by Nelsonville York severely limited the Raiders passing game.

Multiple Buckeyes produced big numbers. Keegan Wilburn got 158 total yards and two touchdowns. Brandon Phillips shined when given the opportunity, carrying the ball six times for 31 yards and a touchdown as well as a receiving touchdown. Mikey Seel also turned in an outstanding performance going 13-15 for 212 yards with four touchdowns. As a whole, the Buckeyes garnered 389 yards offense.

Nelsonville York will look to continue building momentum in their home stand against Oak Hill, while River Valley returns home to play Meigs in an effort to get their season back on track.