Unofficial Election Results for Gallia County

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Here’s an unofficial election results of Gallia County from the November 5, 2019 election.

The levy to operate the 9-1-1 system passed with 3487 for and 925 against.

Voters decided to renew the Raccoon Township fire protection levy with 286 votes for to 48 against; the Clay Township fire protection levy with 237 for to 46 against; the Morgan Township fire protection levy with 190 for to 89 against; and the Walnut Township fire protection levy with 92 for to 44 against.

Brady Swain defeats John Doss Jr. for Clay Township Trustee 212 to 68.

David Snyder defeats David Diddle for Gallipoils Township Trustee 328 to 295.

Randall Hammond defeats Tony Conley for Greenfield Township trustee 113-28.

Charles Edward McGuire defeats Jack Slone for Harrison Township Trustee 164-57.

Kaitlin Angell defeats Toni Ford for Harrison Township Fiscal Officer 121 to 96.

R. Ryan Alderman defeats Roger Meade and Bryce Taylor for Huntington Township Trustee 134 to 123 to 60.

Ashly Ally defeats Sheri Marcum for Huntington Township Fiscal Officer 178-125.

Randle Adkins defeats Richard Shaddeau for Morgan Township trustee 186-100.

Brenda S. Cadie defeats Molly Hash for Morgan Township Fiscal Officer 176-107.

Bradley Davies defeats James Blair and John Kevin Gill for Perry Township Trustee 115 to 111 to 52.

Robert Massie defeats James Thevenir and Luke Voliborn for Springfield Township Trustee 208 to 149 to 179.

Beth James and Terry Halley secured seats on the Gallia Local School board with 1249 and 1179 votes respectively. Edward Butler received 995 votes and failed to secure a seat.

Carlos Caldwell defeats Bryan Jones and Christopher Kimmel for Raccoon Township Trustee 137 to 126 to 58.

Paul Dillon and Loma Fulks tied for Crown City Fiscal Officer at 44 votes a piece.