Unofficial Results From the 2019 Election for Jackson County

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Here are the unofficial results from the November 5, 2019 election.

The Scioto fire levy passed 208-65.

Oak Hill Street Lighting levy passed 197-162.

Joseph Tanner defeats Richard Scurlock, Kenny Smith and Vermon Speakman, for Jackson Township Trustee 84 to 70 to 65 to 73.

David Dilley defeats Kendre Davis, Janna Osborne and Sonya Tennant, for Jackson Township Fiscal Officer 115 to 46 to 73 to 52.

Beth James defeats Terry Hally and Edward Butler for Gallia County Local School District 23 to 15 to 6.

Pat McDonald Defeats Christopher Bice, Brian Moore and Brian Morris 1911 to 918 to 1785 to 1800.

Jeff Thacker defeats Mary Ann Hale and VIN CO LOC Rasabaugh for Vinton County Local School District 2 to 0 to 0.

For full details on the Jackson County races, visit the WOUB Election page.