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Unofficial Election Results for Pike County

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Unofficial election results are in for Pike County.

Voters passed issue 11 that would increase funding for emergency medical services with 2, 262 votes for and 1, 576 votes against. Issue 7, funding for maintaining Evergreen Union Cemetery was renewed, receiving 507 votes for and 227 votes against it.

In the mayoral race for Beaver, William J. Roberts received 66 votes. His opponent, Alan Sigmon, received 22 votes.

For Beaver city council, Tommy Wallace secured a seat with 70 votes. Jason Traylor also secured a seat with 68 votes. Danny Sturgill did not secure a position, receiving only 28 votes.

Jeff Cutler and Cheryl Shaw have secured positions on the Scioto Valley LSD board with 716 votes.

Richard McBee was elected the Benton township Trustee with 159 votes. McBee beat Ronnie Ford who secured 58 votes.

Jackson Township elected Marla Cosby as a Trustee with 94 votes.

Tasha Cody was elected Marion Township Fiscal with 153 votes.

Dora Ison has been elected Pebble Township Fiscal with 172 votes.

Union Township has elected Charles Newsome as Trustee with 267 votes.

Sherry May and Andrew Gedeon have been elected to the Western LSD board with 333 and 280 votes respectively.

Pike County has voted for Emergency Medical Services funding with 2,262 votes for and 1,576 votes against.

Evergreen Union Cemetery Levy has voted for Issue 6 with 532 votes for and 213 Votes against.

Beaver Village has supported the current expenses Levy with 58 votes for and 38 Votes against.

Beaver Township Fire protection Levy has been supported with 106 Votes for and 43 Votes against.

Benton Township has supported the fire protection levy with 155 Votes for and 74 Votes against.

Camp Creek has supported the fire protection levy with 91 Votes for and 42 Votes against.

Marion Township has supported the fire protection levy with 44 Votes for and 29 Votes against.

Seal Township has supported the Mills Current expenses Levy with 376 Votes For and 146 Votes Against.

Sunfish Township has supported the Mills Current Expenses Levy with 157 Votes for and 49 votes against.

Union Township has supported the Fire Protection Levy with 313 votes for and 143 votes against.

For full results, be sure to visit the WOUB election page.