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Cameron Kittle, 15, and Brayden Weber, 3, of Trimble give their teammate Blake Guffey, 40, a high five between his free throws in the second half of the Boys Division IV District Finals at Ohio University’s Convocation Center on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Glenwood defeated Trimble 64-53. (HANNAH SCHROEDER/ WOUB)

Trimble Downs Vinton County in Shriners Basketball Preview

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THE PLAINS, Ohio- Trimble fought hard to out maneuver Vinton County’s active defense in a game of attempted threes and rebounds at the Shriners Basketball Preview from Athens High School. As the first games of the regular season draws closer, the Tomcats took down the Vikings 30-19 in exhibition play.

The Viking offense was able to push the Tomcats and allow room to shoot the outside three. Vinton County found most of their offensive success from outside. The Vikings made 6 of their 13 attempts from beyond the three-point line, giving them 18 of their 19 total points.

It was evident from the beginning of the game Vinton County would lead the game in three pointers when No. 5, Gavin Arbaugh, made a three within the last three minutes of the first quarter.

With a minute left in the first, No. 12 Austin Wisor gained two points for Trimble which Arbaugh responded by taking the ball back down the court and scoring for his own team to raise the score 10-11 Trimble. From there it was game on, and Wisor gained the got the ball right back to score another two points for Trimble.

The triumph did not last long for the Tomcats as the Vicking offense began to prepare for battle. They pushed harder and moved quickly to allow Arbaugh and No. 32 Elijah Bently the opportunity to make back-to-back threes. To no avail Vinton County ended the first quarter three points shy of Trimble with a score of 10-13.

Coming back into the second, Vinton County’s defense did not let up and Trimble was not able to score until six minutes in where No. 40 Clarence Jones put up two. Shortly after both teams had a quick game of back and forth as Vinton County stole the ball from Jones only to have Cameron Kittle, 15, steal it back in short order.

The crowd became animated as Kittle raced up to the basket to lay the ball in. The play ended short of a climax as Viking player, No. 3 Arden Peck, fouled him. This foul was a foreshadow for later plays in the game. 10 of Trimble’s points were largely due to foul shots.

Both teams fought every step of the way, but it was the Trimble Tomcats who secured the victory over the Vikings as they took over down the stretch to beat Vinton County 19-30.

Looking ahead, Trimble will take on Belpre in a home game on December 6th.
The Vikings prepare for battle in Vinton County December 3rd against New Hope Academy.