Bobcat alumni Tom Davis, Chuck Williams and Jeff Powell have been Bobcat fans for decades and traveled to Boise, ID with the team.

Ohio Football: Bobcat alumni follow Ohio to Boise

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BOISE, IDAHO — Ohio has been known to have one of the premier alumni and fan followings all across the Mid-American Conference, and that can’t be any more evident in Boise. It’s clear that those alumni and fans have a longing to see this Bobcat program succeed at the highest level.

“All you have to do is drive down 33 and see the campus and now that it is the place to be,” ’67 Ohio alum and former Ohio football defensive back Chuck Williams said.

“Once you step foot on the campus, I see why people want to attend Ohio University. It’s one of a kind,” ’85 graduate Jeff Powell said.

“I remember the first day I had a chance to come back and literally walking uptown and looking around and saying that I can’t believe I actually get to work and live here and I still feel that. It’s a special place,” ’73 alum and former Ohio pole vaulter Tom Davis said.

Three of the many Ohio alumni that will be in attendance of Friday’s game in Boise for the Idaho Potato Bowl. Their ties to Athens run deep — Chuck Williams played football at Ohio from ‘63-67. Jeff Powell received his master’s degree in 85’ and wound up at Athens high school as a teacher. Tom Davis, a ‘73 graduate, was a pole vaulter for Ohio’s track and field team. All 3 men have a passion to see Ohio thrive.

“I think a lot of people and even the bowls, they look at Ohio University and know that we’re going to come,” Williams said. “We’re going to bring our people because they want to see us perform. It’s a good feeling.”

“Ohio bobcat fans do travel well,” Powell said. “Whether it’s football games or to Cleveland to watch the MAC basketball tournament. People have a passion for Bobcat athletics.”

“I really do believe that it’s one of those things where you get connected with the program like this and you want to see it be successful,” Davis said. “You want to be able to witness that.”