“So when I lift this trophy again, it’s for LSU, Ohio State, Southeast Ohio, and all of Louisiana. Thank you.” Joe Burrow, 2019 Heisman Trophy winner (screenshot | ESPN)

The Plains Elementary School rallies around Joe Burrow

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ATHENS, OH — Joe Burrow has made the transformation from an Athens Bulldog to a LSU Tiger, but his impact goes far greater than the football field.

“It’s cool for our kids here at our school because they feel a connection to Joe in what our building was the dame thing that Joe does,” The Plains Elementary School Principal Heather Skinner said. “He was a great student as well so I tried to make that connection that he’s not only a great athlete, but a great student academically. He was a leader.”

Burrow’s a role-model that every kid from Southeast Ohio can aspire to be.

“When he mentioned all of the kids from southeast Ohio and that you can be up to here to that really hit home with some of the kids that are understanding of hardwork and dedication and that they too could be up there. It gives them not just things to dream of, but things that they can make a reality.”
What does Joe Burrow mean to you?
“A good football player,” The Plains Elementary School student Hollister Bennett said.
You like Joe Burrow?
“I like that he won the Heisman trophy and he’s doing all of this to help us,” The Plains Elementary School student Carmella Bonadio said.
What do you admire most about Joe Burrow?
“That he’s just come from a small town and that he’s sort of become famous from this area that’s pretty poor. And for him to raise half a million dollars just from his Heisman speech,” The Plains Elementary School student Ben Smith said.
Will Burrow bring a national championship back with him next time he comes home?
“I think that LSU has a good chance of beating Clemson,” Smith said. “Clemson only really got tested by Ohio State.”
The last chapter of Burrow’s incredible story gets written tonight on College Football’s biggest stage.