Aubree Riley II Radio A Sessions

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Nashville’s Aubree Riley gave an intimate performance of four songs in WOUB’s Radio A: “Where You’ve Been,” “Estas Destinad A Mi,” “The Key,” and “Lay Low.” Riley grew up near Corning, OH, and moved to Nashville directly after graduating from high school to pursue her musical career.

Aubree Riley’s voice has a distinct brassy musicality to it, one that oscillates from a sonorous melancholy to a pouncing, tightly wound poignant yearning to a distilled, mellow loveliness all within the matter of a short setlist. She showcased this versatility for WOUB first with “Where You’ve Been,” a tender tune about lost love that she wrote with the help of Bruce Dalzell’s Athens, OH Songwriting Circle group. She followed that with ”Estas Destinad A Mi,” (which Riley explained translates to “You’re Made For Me”) the first song that Riley has written partially in Spanish, and one that she penned in the midst of a particularly intense day to remind herself of the ever elastic possibilities that exist for her as a songwriter. Riley then played “The Key,” a wistful meditation on the sort of emotional key one might receive to a loved one’s innermost places if only they can prove they can be trusted with such responsibility. Closing out the set was “Lay Low,” a playful song based on the very real experience of having someone recognize that a song is actually written about them.

All of the tracks that Riley played for WOUB will be available on her forthcoming self-recorded and produced full-length, which will impressively mark the third release for the very young songwriter.

0:01 – “Where You’ve Been”
3:50 – ”Estas Destinad A Mi”
6:46 – “The Key”
12:03 — “Lay Low”

Producers: Emily Votaw, Adam Rich, Josh Miller, Evan Shaw
Audio Engineer: Adam Rich
Videographer: Josh Miller
Video editing: Evan Shaw and Josh Miller

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