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Vinton County Can’t Keep Momentum, Lose to Warriors

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LOGAN, Ohio- The Vinton Country Vikings struggled in multiple facets against the Warren Warriors in the first round of the playoffs, and faltered in the second half to lose 64-44.

To start the game off the Vikings struggled to get momentum and lacked when it came to shooting. This had allowed the Warriors to get a nice lead to start the game. The Warriors overall played a strong first quarter and managed to lead with a score of 14-6.

The second quarter was a different story though. The Vikings started to put gas on the pedal and managed to catch up to the Warriors. The key factor to the Vikings catching up was their aggressive offensive and defense.

They managed to catch up to the Warriors; they ended the second quarter trailing with a score of 21-24.

The third quarter is where it changed for both teams. The Vikings had lost their momentum while on the other hand, the Warriors picked it up.

The Warrior’s had an offense that was unbeatable. They had picked up a total of 29 points in the third quarter while on the other hand the Viking’s had picked up only a total of seven points. This made the score 28-53 and the Warriors were determined to keep this momentum to finish this game on top.

Although the Vikings were 25 points behind the Warriors, they didn’t let that get to their head. They had managed late in the fourth quarter to pick up some momentum, but it was a little too late.

The Vikings lost to the Warriors with a score of 44-64. Despite the Vikings losing they finish out their season with their senior night at their home court on Monday, Feb. 24.