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WOUB Employees to Volunteer with Regional Nonprofit Organizations

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Listener pledges committed WOUB employees to work 44 hours  

ATHENS, OH – During WOUB Public Radio’s Winter Pledge Drive, listeners came through for the station and the local community by committing WOUB employees to 44 hours of volunteer work in our region. WOUB offered listeners the opportunity to choose the “Community Give Back” gift option when they pledged $100 or more to WOUB.  So instead of getting a “Thank You” gift in the mail, each supporter chose to dedicate WOUB employees to two hours of volunteer community service for other nonprofits in the region.

“WOUB employees are looking forward to sharing the love and support listeners gave to WOUB right back into our local communities,” said WOUB General Manager Mark Brewer. “WOUB employees will spend the next three months working off those 44 hours in our local cities and towns by assisting nonprofits that could use a few extra sets of hands.”

WOUB is working with several nonprofit organizations to schedule and coordinate opportunities for WOUB staff members to come and volunteer.

“The Community Give Back pledges came from all across the region,” said Brewer. “We wanted to make sure our volunteer work represents where those donations came from.”

WOUB plans to continue offering the “Community Give Back” option during future radio and television pledge drives.