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WOUB February Pledge Drive Will Spread the Love

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Radio Pledge Runs February 11 – 14




 ATHENS, OH – WOUB Radio’s Winter Pledge Drive will be a celebration of love. The drive will run February 11 – 14. Since it ends on Valentine’s Day, WOUB will use the week to talk about why listeners and supporters love and appreciate WOUB and why WOUB loves and appreciates its listeners.

“Many of our listeners have been members and supporters of WOUB Public Media for a very long time,” said WOUB General Manager Mark Brewer. “That dedication is something we value. We know they are tuning in daily and believe in the quality and depth of our programming. We want to let them know how much that means to us.”

One way WOUB has decided to express its love during this pledge drive is by offering a new Thank You gift to those who donate. Instead of just giving those who pledge the option to choose a typical gift like a coffee mug or a golf umbrella, those who pledge will also be able select the “Community Give Back” gift option.  What this means is that instead of getting a Thank You gift in the mail, each supporter can choose to dedicate WOUB employees to two hours of volunteer community service for other nonprofits in the region.

“WOUB employees will share your love for us right back into our local communities,” said Brewer. “At the end of the pledge drive, we will announce how many hours of community service were tallied up through the “Community Give Back” option, and then WOUB employees will spend the next three months working off those hours in our local cities and towns by assisting nonprofits that could use a few extra sets of hands.”

WOUB will also share recorded “love notes” from current members and WOUB radio on-air hosts during the drive. Several longtime members recently came into the station to record their WOUB testimonials talking about the reasons why they support the station. WOUB radio hosts Rusty Smith, Chris Riddle, Robin Barnes and Bryan Gibson wrote and recorded their own unique “love notes” written for our listeners which will also be shared.

“Our listeners and members know that we need their financial support. We talk about that during every pledge drive,” said Brewer. “We’re excited that this pledge drive is going to give us an opportunity to show our appreciation to our current members, future members and to our entire community through volunteer work. We’re spreading the love that we’ve received over the years and that feels great.”