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Medical School Dean Lauds Quick Action against COVID-19 by State & University

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Dr. Kenneth Johnson, the Executive Dean of the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and the chief medical affairs officer at Ohio University gives the University, Public Health Officials and the Governor kudos for taking early action to prevent even greater threat of the Coronavirus in Athens and SE Ohio.
He cites the Governor’s early declaration of a “state of emergency” as being life-saving to many Ohioans. It allowed universities, schools, and other gathering places to change their ways of doing business and promote physical distancing.
Dr. Johnson also makes a distinction between physical distancing and social distancing. He says that although people should isolate themselves physically, they should reach out in “safe” ways to stay in social contact with one another.
He also promotes exercising at a distance from others as a way to stay both mentally and physically fit.
Dr. Johnson also outlines what a person should do if they think they have symptoms of the Coronavirus. He gives practical tips for us to follow.
He praises the cooperation between health care professionals, policy makers, and universities in Ohio in handling this “rapidly evolving” crisis.
Dr. Johnson also is the current chair of the Ohio Council of Medical School Deans.