WOUB Presents: Amethystone’s Live Album Release Party April 18

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Although all springtime events have been canceled due to COVID-19, some local artists are still releasing new music as originally planned. Megan Cameron, lead vocals and keyboard for Amethystone, says that while the release party for their newest album, The Alchemist, planned to be held at Arts West will have to be rescheduled, the band will still be hosting a Facebook Live listening party on April 18 at 7 p.m. WOUB talked to Cameron about the band and what we can expect to hear on The Alchemist.

“We describe our sound as piano-driven fantasy rock. I used to write a lot about things like fairies, but not so much recently, although I do write a lot about the Earth,” said Cameron. “Our sound has been described as Tori Amos meets Coldplay, I think that’s a perfect description.”

The band consists of Cameron on vocals and keyboard, Michael Riggins on bass, Rob Powell on guitar and vocals, and Mike Eubanks on drums. The band was formed in 2006 and has released two other albums, a self-titled album Amethystone in 2010 and the live album Emergence in 2018.

As a graduate of Ohio Universities School of Music herself, Cameron has always held a passion for music.

“I went to school at Ohio University to study music, that’s when I realized it was meant for me. It was an outlet, it was an expression.” She said. “When I was in third grade, my parents got me this little Casio Keyboard and I learned to play, I started writing down songs and recording them. I would multi-track myself and I would tape myself on a tape recorder, and then on another tape recorder I would record another track, I used to do stuff like that.”

Although the physical release party has been rescheduled for a to be determined date, Amethystone will still be hosting a live listening party on Facebook at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 18. You can find more information on the event page, right here.

“I think with this particular album, I feel that we really expanded our sound and we did some different things, there’s 10 tracks on it and you’ll hear some that are a bit darker and heavier sounding. The single off of it, “It’s Love” is really upbeat and as a wonderful guitar part. We’re rock-pop, but it’s sung by a woman, so in terms of topics, I write a lot about empowerment, women’s issues.”

On why the band chose to go ahead with the digital release of their album, Cameron says that she hopes the music will bring comfort to listeners.

“It was supposed to be a celebration for us, and for the community. We had several collaboration partners and artists too, and whether we have it later this year or even next year, I want people to really celebrate community connections. I feel like there are songs that could really speak to people right now, one of the songs is called “Searching for Hope,” and our single “It’s Love” is about what helps us get through difficult times, and what does give us hope. We want to share that right now and hopefully create some positivity.”