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RVs 4 MDs Helps Frontline Healthcare Workers

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CINCINNATI — Some healthcare workers across the world have concerns about infecting their loved ones when they come home from work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lynn Schneller posted on RVs 4 MDs hoping to find an RV for her and her son’s girlfriend to stay in. Schneller’s husband is currently receiving cancer treatment and her son has asthma.

Lynn Schneller is one of these people. She’s a nurse at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati and came across the Facebook group RVs 4 MDs.

“I thought, well let me try it because, my main concern was I have a husband who’s going through cancer treatment and I have a son who has asthma,” Schneller said.

So Schneller posted on the Facebook page, hoping for an RV she and her son’s girlfriend could stay in.

She said within hours she was contacted, “by an angel.”

That “angel,” is Russ Haselwood, who dropped off his RV to its new temporary home, Schneller’s driveway.

Rush Haselwood and his wife, donated their RV to RVs 4 MDs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Haselwood’s were matched with Lynn Schneller.

The RV has a fireplace, a TV, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower, Schneller said.

“So we have all the conveniences of home and we’ve learned to endure hot and cold in this few short times living in the Ohio valley,” Schneller said.

This isn’t just happening in the Cincinnati area. RVs 4 MDs all started in Celina, Texas with Emily Phillips.

Phillips’ mom suggested she post on Facebook to see if a friend had an RV or camper she could rent for her ER doctor husband to stay in during the pandemic.

Emily Phillips is the founder of RVs 4 MDs. She got the idea after finding an RV for her ER doctor husband to stay in during the pandemic.

“I just threw a post up there, I didn’t think much about it and then five minutes later, a friend of mine commented and said, ‘My friend Holly Haggard, she said you can just have her RV,’ and I just couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Phillips then created the official Facebook group on March 24th, which had 30,334 members as of April 23. Phillips said she and other volunteers have matched healthcare workers across the world with donated RVs and campers.

Schneller said the group has been a blessing.

“I want to thank Brenda and Russell, Russ Haselwood so much for allowing us this opportunity and once again, they are angels.”