Suggested Listening ’20: Emily Votaw

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What a year 2020 was! Since it is doubtful anyone even believes in linear time anymore, it seems fitting that WOUB Culture is rolling out our Suggested Listening feature in January instead of December. The world is a hard place, and aren’t we all so grateful to have music to make it a little more bearable! 

Emily Votaw with Agatha “The Bag” Votaw.

I am WOUB’s Arts and Culture producer, and what a year it has been to be an arts and culture producer! While I usually spend the summer running around all sweaty pretending it is somehow an enormous inconvenience to attend multiple music festivals for free, this summer I spent almost entirely indoors, working on my phone interview and audio and video production capabilities. It was a tough one. Here’s a list of the records that got me through.

Cutler StationMeat, No Sides 

Dougie PooleFreelancer’s Blues

Incredible String Band – Relics of the Incredible String Band 

Judee Sill – Judee Sill 

Alex CameronMiami Memory 

Dan DeaconMystic Familiar 

Ken Stringfellow – Touched 

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (Super Deluxe) 

The Beach Boys – Wild Honey 

Mac DeMarcoOld Dog Demos 

Here’s my ultimate 2020 playlist: