Ohio Bobcats Hockey battles against Liberty at Bird Arena on February 8, 2021 (Photo: Chris J. Day/WOUB)

Ohio Hockey: Bobcats Blanked by Liberty on Tuesday, 2-0

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ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) — In what is usually a packed arena has now become empty as the Bobcats take on their opening series in Bird Arena. A complete change of pace for the squad as the only sounds coming through the arena was the loud speaker and the sticks hitting the ice.

The Bobcats (0-4) still struggled to find their first win of the season in an exhilarating 2-0 battle against Liberty (4-3).

Ohio Hockey
(Photo: Chris J. Day/WOUB)

Both teams came out on a slow start through the first period with neither one scoring.  Freshman Matt Server was the goalkeeper for the Bobcats in his first college match.

During the second period, the Liberty Flames attempted to score 17 times and held the pressure on Server. With fourteen minutes to go Quinn Ryan was able to squeeze one through to put Liberty on the board.

The rest of the game was quiet up until the final minute of the third and final period. In a desperate attempt to score and at least tie the game, the Bobcats left the net empty, and the Flames were able to capitalize on the opportunity. Cole Gammar was the one who laid the final
point in.

Marching the puck down the ice the Bobcats did their best to defend but it just wasn’t enough with the absence of their goalie.

This team has had their share of struggles after losing a strong senior class. Out of 20 players, only six of them are upper classmen meaning some younger players are having to step up.

Head coach Cole Bell is proud of his squad regardless of the struggles. Coming out of the locker room he had high hopes for the rest of the season and for underclassmen to get the chance to improve.

They are coming a long way and are continually working for their first win, and they are becoming closer every game.  With a couple days to practice, the Bobcats are back in action to take on Adrian college on Friday, Feb. 12.

With a few days of practice, they might be able to put the missing pieces together, especially on the offensive side.