The BFH Blues Band II Radio A Sessions

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Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, WOUB filmed a number of regional bands performing in our Radio A Studio space. Some of the sessions were filmed almost two years ago, and WOUB Culture is proud to finally present them, like an artifact from the distant past. 

BFH Blues

Being a truly American art form, the blues are more than just a genre — they’re a deeply meaningful yet completely accessible pipeline to the heart of the American (or, perhaps more accurately, human) experience. The BFH Blues Band brought just that to WOUB’s Radio A with the performance of three entirely original songs: “One Of Those Days,” “Cold Turkey,” and “Thin Wallet Blues.”

Check out the band’s performance above, and catch them live at Zanesville’s Riverside Cafe (3415 Old River Rd.) for Vet Fest 2021 Saturday, August 28.

Keep tabs on The BFH Blues Band on Facebook.

0:00 – “One Of Those Days”
4:05 – “Cold Turkey”
8:20 – “Thin Wallet Blues”

Producers: Emily Votaw, Adam Rich, Josh Miller, Evan Shaw
Audio Engineer: Adam Rich
Videographer: Josh Miller
Video editing: Emily Votaw