Terra Soul to Explore ‘Soulful Side of Americana’ at Big Bend Blues Bash Aug. 6

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Milt and Anthony Call have both been musicians for an awful long time.

Milt has performed in a variety of rock ‘n’ roll oriented acts for over 45 years, while Anthony has spent time in more blues oriented groups. The father-son duo have even played together extensively in the past.

Even with years of experience performing, both Milt and Anthony are palpably excited over their latest project, Terra Soul, which Milt describes as a “journey into the soulful side of Americana.”

Terra Soul came together when a band that Milt and Anthony were both in shared the bill of a charity concert for a regional halfway house with vocalist Brittany Franklin.

There, Milt was mesmerized by Franklin’s rendition of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind.”

“I’ve played a lot of music, and I’ve played in a lot of bands, but in that moment I closed my eyes, and that girl took me to church,” said Milt, who approached Franklin about the collaboration immediately afterwards.

And thus, Terra Soul was born.

Terra Soul
Terra Soul (Image courtesy of artist)

Milt and Anthony expressed that while both of them have a fondness for and familiarity with playing music that focuses on the mastery of technical musicianship (Milt and Anthony Call are the owners of custom guitar makers Mystic River Guitars, and Terra Soul’s keyboardist, Phil Ohlinger, owns custom amp company Ohlinger & Sons Amplifiers,) Terra Soul allows the musicians to focus on the heart and soul of a song, which they really enjoy.

Additionally, the project allows the band to experiment with penning original songs, which will constitute the vast majority of their upcoming set at the 2021 Big Bend Blues and Brews Bash on Friday, August 6 in the Pomeroy Riverside Amphitheater (101 Main Street, Pomeroy).

Listen to WOUB Culture’s conversation with Milt and Anthony, embedded above.