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LA Times Features Art Director Micah Fluellen got his start at WOUB

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Micah Fluellen graduated from Ohio University in 2020

ATHENS, OH – A little over a year out of college and Micah Fluellen is a features art director at the Los Angeles Times. He says it’s all thanks to his time at Ohio University and WOUB Public Media.

“I learned so much while working at WOUB,” said Fluellen. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

Fluellen grew up in Columbus and knew in high school that he wanted to study visual arts. He learned that Ohio University had a strong media and visual communication program and decided that was where he should go to college.

“At the end of my sophomore year at Ohio University, my advisor recommended to me that I apply for a paid student position at WOUB working in the art department under Creative Director Soozan Palsa,” said Fluellen. “I got the job, and the experience was one of the best opportunities that I think a visually forward person could have. Soozan took me under her wing. She was very patient with me and exposed me to motion graphics. I was able to get comfortable with many different creative devices. I have her to thank for the continuing success in my career.”

Fluellen worked on graphics for WOUB programs like Gridiron Glory and Hardwood Heroes.

“I learned about the importance of communication. There had to be a lot of communication to get things right. My experience at WOUB drove home the importance of over communicating rather than under communicating in order to really make sure that at the end of the day the graphics team and the WOUB employees were satisfied with the finished product.”

Fluellen also created graphics for WOUB News local election coverage and WOUB’s annual livestream of the Ohio University Homecoming Parade. During his time at Ohio University, Fluellen also interned for Athletes United for Social Justice and C-SPAN, both in Washington D.C.

Due to his wide-ranging experience, a professor recommended Fluellen for a summer internship at the LA Times after graduation. Fluellen jumped at the opportunity and a few months later, that internship turned into a full-time job.

“WOUB definitely helped me have the frame of reference I needed to get this position,” said Fluellen. “Working directly under Soozan and Seann Anderson, the graphics team at WOUB, I got to look over both of their shoulders when I had down time. It was awesome to see how they conducted themselves at work and around other people and to see the visual forward thinking at WOUB. I sponged it all up and am using what I learned there in my job now.”